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Beach Monitoring Programme

To protect public health and to assess whether the Water Quality Objective is met, a comprehensive beach monitoring programme has been implemented by the EPD. The Beach Monitoring Programme has the following six functions:


  • to assess compliance with the Water Quality Objective;
  • to detect any change in beach water quality;
  • to identify polluted beaches that need remedial actions;
  • to evaluate pollution abatement programmes;
  • to decide on the opening of beaches; and
  • to advise the public on the beach water quality status.



The Programme

The Programme

The beach monitoring work includes beach water sample collection, laboratory analysis and data management. During each beach monitoring visit, beach water samples are collected where the water depth is between thigh to waist depth i.e. about 1 metre depth for analysis of E. coli bacteria and physical measurements of pH, salinity and turbidity. The water samples are delivered to the laboratory for analysis as soon as sampling is completed and are stored at about 4°C during transportation. Dissolved oxygen concentration and temperature of the beach water are measured in-situ at each of the beaches and observations such as weather and beach conditions, are also recorded. The Beach Monitoring Programme covers 41 gazetted beaches and 3 non-gazetted beaches scattered in six different districts.


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Beaches Monitored by the EPD




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